Home diagnostic devices

Imagine that it is possible to check the condition of our health on a daily basis. In order to do so, we do not have to sign up for medical appointments ahead of time, wait in lines for ages or even leave the house. The whole process is carried out in a rapid manner and can be done at any convenient moment for us, whenever we have free time, at the comfort of our home. In addition, the focus is not only on our single ailment or one area of the body, but the whole organism is taken into account. The obtained results give an answer both to the course of the ailments of which we are already aware, and to those we had no idea about before.
We can literally learn about any virus, disease, even in the initial stage of development. There is also the possibility to make sure that the medicines we use are suitable for us and to what extent they will help with the issue we are suffering from.
Does this sound like a vision of the distant future?Let’s take a look at the current market of modern diagnostic equipment to see if this type of vision can become a reality in the near future. There is no denying that the fear of being deceived is raised before trying out these machines. Such technology is nothing new, but very few people have any knowledge about it, so the scammers have an easy task. It is pointless to deceive oneself – surely there are attempts to scam money covered by the bioresonance label, but doesn’t this also apply to many things from different fields? Should this stop us from testing new developments? Living in constant fear and avoiding new solutions without even giving them a chance, we may miss innovative inventions that could make our lives significantly easier and solve numerous problems. Clinics offering electromagnetic wave therapy promise to diagnose every virus and disease that is present in our body in as short a time as half an hour, so isn’t it worth taking the chance and finding out for yourself about the reliability of this method? In this article we would like to present the bioresonance devices that have particularly attracted our attention.

First, we should determine what bioresonance really is and how it works. Bioresonance, even though many have not yet heard about it, has been around for a long time and its origins date back to the 1980s. Even though bioresonance works with the most innovative technology and incorporates the latest scientific discoveries, it has its roots in the ancient Chinese medicine.
Bioresonance focuses primarily on electromagnetic vibrations generated naturally by the human body.
Based on them, it is able to detect, treat and prevent various diseases, parasites, bacteria and pathogens existing in the human body.[1]

Depending on the type of device, resonation with the whole body’s bio-energy gel or only with the electromagnetic system may occur. Each person generates completely different waves. They can change under the influence of factors such as diet, environmental pollution or stress. Therefore, an individual approach is extremely important. Depending on the personal waves of the subject of the resonance, such waves are analyzed and based on them, individually adapted waves are produced that are suitable for the particular needs.
The purpose of the waves emitted back is to „direct” the waves in the human body to the right track so that they start to function properly again.As a result, the patient’s waves are treated in order to stimulate their healing.[2]
It should be emphasized that bioresonanceis considered to be an unconventional and natural medicine, so it is often in the fire of criticism from medical circles. One of the sceptical opinions was expressed, among others, by JarosławKomorowski, an allergologist and pediatrician from the Allergo-Dent Specialist Clinic in Warsaw. ,,I am not convinced by the statement that the treatment is carried out using the flow of energy, which has many characteristics of electromagnetic waves. In addition, why experiment with unverified methods, when the medicine effectively deals with the allergy, using the latest treatments. Maybe it is a matter of fashion for alternative therapies?”.

You can also find voices expressing completely the opposite opinion, for example, the statement of Dariusz Szymanskifrom the Vega Medica Institute of Holistic Medicine in Warsaw. ,,For me as a practicing physician, what matters is the effect. So I choose the methods that I have checked and I know that they work, even if not recognized by academic medicine. The best example is magnetic resonance imaging (BRT). I have been using it for 17 years and for the detection and treatment of all kinds of allergies. Here, sensitization can be carried out at any time of the year, e.g. during the pollination of plants to which a person is hypersensitive. Many of my fellow doctors treat bioresonance as black magic and a way to extort money from patients. Mainly because allergologists do not know the rules of this therapy. (…) This therapy is safe. Although everything runs according to the laws of physics, it sometimes looks like a miracle cure. Sometimes people come to the office and react with dyspnea to dust or fur, and as if by magic wand, the symptoms disappear immediately or within a few days after the treatment. Sometimes, especially with ihypersensitivity to many substances, bioresonance becomes the beginning of the path to healing”.[3]

As it turns out, bioresonance is treated slightly more favourably in different countries. For example, a final decision of the National Supreme Court in Munich, Germany, allowed the legal spread of information that bioresonance can diagnose allergies and provide therapies that are painless and have no side effects (Case No.: 6 U 2187/06). This decision was made after a detailed examination of the research results and the activities of Regumed, one of the pioneers of bioresonance. All arguments in favor of bioresonance had both scientific justification and practical therapeutic examples.[4] Unfortunately, so far there are not many scientific studies that confirm the positive effects of bioresonant devices, and those that exist speak against them.[5] [6] [7]

Nevertheless, on the Internet can be found a lot of positive opinions of people who have benefited from this type of therapy, speaking only in superlatives. So let’s take a look at what bioresonant devices we can currently find on the market.

One of the most popular devices for bioresonance is undoubtedly BICOM, the first device in the field of natural medicine to work with frequencies produced by the human body, which has been certified. It uses electrodes and a modulation mat with DMI micro pulses to transmit frequencies to the patient for the purpose of healing. You can easily find numerous offers and clinics offering bioresonance therapy, using this particular equipment. What makes it so popular and often chosen? Its success is mainly attributed to the fact that it has been present on the market for many years. It has already gained trust and a good reputation thanks to millions of people who have suffered from various types of ailments and it is due to it that they have been cured. In addition, the device is characterized by a great attention to detail in terms of how it works – the programs used by BICOM and the diagnostic part of EAP have been refined by manufacturers in the smallest detail.
Apparently, therapies with the use of BICOM device are so effective that in many cases, great effects can be seen after the first treatment session and the device is able to help even in case of very serious and critical diseases.
Its characteristic feature is the possibility of using WIKARSKI’snegative ionization module. What does it mean? Thanks to this, the magnetic field is neutralized, the negative energy of the patient is removed from them, the accumulation of negative charges in the patient’s body is prevented and the therapy becomes much more effective.
Moreover, negative ionization also prolongs the life of cells and has a strengthening effect on the immune system.
It is said that in order to experience the positive effects of increased ionization, it is enough to undergo it for as short a time as 30 seconds.[8]

As it turns out, bioresonance therapy with BICOM can remedy many health problems and relieve us from unpleasant symptoms. For example, you can use it to test your allergies in detail and find out if a given product or substance works in a way that is harmful to your body. In addition, we can also deal with various types of pain. Not only does it locate the exact origin of the discomfort, but it also finds its cause and has an analgesic effect. If we are struggling with cigarette addiction and would like to quit smoking, BICOM can also help us with this. With the help of special programs, this device supports the elimination of nicotine hunger, which should disappear completely after a session.
Depending on the person, it usually expires after 2 to 12 hours. BICOM can also be helpful in the fight for a slimmer silhouette. After passing the therapy cycle, which usually consists of around 8 therapies, the metabolism starts to work much faster, the feeling of hunger decreases, and the weight loss is significantly faster.
The use of this device is so safe that even the youngest patients can benefit from it. All treatments and tests are completely painless, so it can be a good solution even for very young children. It is also worth remembering about the health of our four-legged friends, because BICOM has programs for them too.[9]

The effectiveness of BICOM is confirmed not only by the opinions of satisfied patients, but also by the doctors using this product. For example, Peter Schumacher, an Austrian paediatrician, treated about 200 people who had various allergies with the BICOM. We can read about similar healing stories with BICOM on many forums and websites. In fact, there are many, and people are telling about the effectiveness of this method of natural medicine in the context of healing the whole spectrum of diseases.

F-Scan is a Swiss diagnostic device that also uses bioresonance in its performance.According to the manufacturers’ assurances, it is extremely effective, fast and accurate in diagnosis, and if homeopathy is also used, stunning results can be expected as a result. Diagnosis with this device is very quick, as it only takes 7 minutes.
Like the previously mentioned BICOM, F-Scan is able to detect different types of pathogens, bacteria and viruses, based on signals emitted by them at different frequencies.[11] The F-Scan captures these signals using an innovative DIRP method.
Not only does it allow for a surprisingly fast scan of the entire body, but also automatically adjusts the frequencies that are sent back to the patient to address a specific problem. The transmitted frequencies differ widely, since their range varies from 80khz up to 560khz, depending on the demand. The patient receives the bioresonant frequency thanks to the active electrode, which also transmits relevant information about the patient’s health to the device. The result of the diagnosis is shown in visual form. The F-Scan is a fully safe device – not only does it meet the requirements of Royal R. Rifeor Dr.Hulda R. Clark, but also has CE marking and numerous certificates.[12]

In terms of doctors’ opinions on F-Scan, Dr. Werner Ullrich’sstatement is probably one of the most popular. Ullrich, with many years of experience with F-Scan, recommended treatment with this device to a 61-year-old patient who was at risk of leg amputation due to acute diabetes and very severe bacterial infections. Only one session of a few minutes was enough for the bacteria present in the patient’s body to stop being detected, which prevented him from losing a limb. This event took place in 2008 and the patient continued to use both legs fortunately for years to come.[13]

The DIACOM producers declare that the analysis carried out with this device is capable of showing the patient’s health in detail, without neglecting any dysfunctions or risks.
It does not matter whether the problem is the energy balance of the body, bones or any internal organ – DIACOM is able to find any health problem, regardless of its degree of concealment, alleviate its symptoms and eliminate the causes of the disease.
It can be used to carry out both a general and a detailed analysis, only for specific systems and organs, and even cells and DNA. DIACOM therapy is a bit more complicated than other NLS diagnostic devices, because a single visit is not enough. After the first results of the scan of the body, from which we learn about the overall health and bioenergetic state, the specialist pays attention to the areas of the body that require the most attention at a given moment and on which to focus first. A schedule of further therapies and possible changes necessary for the patient’s everyday life to improve his or her health is also established. Typically, after about a month it is necessary to re-scan the body for control purposes. The Oberon uses magnetic field analysis to check the condition of the whole organism and obtain detailed information about it.
Trigger sensors are used to perform the examination, which in combination with the non-contact method are used to precisely scan a given organ taking into account its resonant radiation amplification.
In this way, the device receives various types of signals coming from the cells, determines and adapts to the frequency of nerve impulses of a person, and then defines the abnormalities occurring. Among other things, you can find out exactly where the problem is located and what kind of abnormality it is. The facilitation is certainly provided by organ models appearing on the computer screen with a list of all detected defects and pathologies. Thanks to that the evaluation of specific phenomena can be carried out in a very detailed way. With the help of specially modulated electromagnetic oscillations recorded on the matrix, the Oberonalso works well in the context of repairing the existing abnormalities. With its help, it is also possible to create suitable homeopathic and informational preparations for the individual patient.[15]
Doctors, as with other bioresonant devices, have a mixed feeling about Oberon. Some people do not believe in the effectiveness of this diagnostic method at all, rather approaching it with distance.[16]
There are also those who are unlikely to express their opinion on the method of non-linear analysis, merely emphasizing that it belongs to unconventional medicine.[17]
However, among skeptics, there are also voices who believe that thanks to Oberon, the health and even life of many people was saved and believe in the salutary impact of computer diagnostics.[18]
The Mora device is one of the oldest bioresonance methods – it was invented by electronics engineer Erich Rascheand medical doctor Franz Morell in 1977. Diagnostics performed with this device is very simple – information about the patient’s health is collected by means of a special electrode which the patient holds in his hand.During this time, the person carrying out the examination collects the measurements from the second hand, precisely from the points on it, with a dedicated punctoscope. Rachel Mengis, a bioresonance expert and kinesiologist, speaks only positively about Mora Apartment. „Thanks to this extended method of electroacupuncture, I have an effective tool at hand to visualize the customer’s stressed energy fields with a specially developed device and then relieve them through feedback.[20]

Mezator attracts as much attention as slightly older devices of this type. No wonder – the examination with this device takes up to 20 minutes, and it is possible that the results on the condition of one’ body can be obtained in just few seconds. In 2018 alone, the specialists performed 182 880 tests with this equipment. Moreover, it is hard to find any negative comments about it. Doctors of medicine, naturopaths and alternative medicine specialists appreciate, above all, extremely fast, yet precise, accurate and non-invasive diagnostics.
In a very short period of time we can check the functioning of more than 30 areas of the human body in a thorough manner.
Mesator is one of the most precise devices of this type on the market, because its accuracy is as high as 95%. Thanks to that we can be sure that nothing will be hidden from it and we will learn every important information about our health. Apart from that, doctors and specialists using this device for their daily work praise the possibility of choosing the right drugs and supplements and the most appropriate doses for patients. Moreover, Mezator is much more accurate than standard tests, it is able to detect health problems that have not been detected in other types of analyses, and it can indicate diseases that are likely to appear soon. With its help we get information about even approx. 100 thousand measurement points. The MRIconducted in this way is also very comfortable for the patient because it only requires him to put on the headphones. It is through these headphones that the information in the brain cells is transmitted to the device.[22] The Voll methodhas been developed on the basis ofChinese acupuncture and draws information concerning patient’s health from appropriate bioenergetic acupuncture points. This method is exceptional, not only because using only 40 points it is possible to gather detailed information, but also because its effectiveness has been confirmed by clinical trials.

Vega test, on the other hand, has its roots in the functional bioelectronic diagnostics and the electro-point test method.
Both Vega test and the Voll method have a very high probability of giving the most detailed results, as much as 95%.
Another method that can be used in the case of AM SCAN EVBS device is the Express scan method. In case of this method there is a segmental measurement which results in an accurate reflection of the functional state of the organs and obtains valuable measurement values. With AM SCAN EVBS it is also possible to perform passive bioresonance. It also has a function of the BRT module, so you can find out to what extent the patient’s body is able to regenerate on its own and supports it.[23]

Salvia is another measuring device that transfers valuable information about our health to the computer. It specializes, among other things, in the creation of a map of the toxic burden on the body. It consists in detecting the toxins present in the body, which then makes it possible to purify it and control the course of the whole process and the results obtained as a result.
An interesting function of Salvia is also the possibility of checking the tolerance in case of a given person not only taking into account medicines, but also products such as dental materials, stimulants, cosmetics or even jewelry.
This allows to detect and prevent the occurrence of an allergic reaction even before using the products concerned. Another noteworthy feature is the possibility of psychological diagnostics. Apart from that, as in the case of other devices of this type, it is possible to analyze the functioning of the whole body and individual organs.[24]

Kvantum Bio Scan specializes in light wave resonance. Due to them it is able to carry out physical tests and analyses, scan the human body thoroughly, determine its functional state and detect any abnormalities, whether they occur throughout the whole organ or tissue, or even in the chromosome or DNA. Based on the results obtained, the system suggests the most optimal recommendations to improve health, depending on the individual health of the patient.
All information is collected by means of sensors located in headphones on the patient’s ears. In this way, the device receives unique frequencies emitted from the brain, stimulating its operation accordingly.This is where all the information collected from every corner of the body is stored, which is why this treatment method is so effective.
By doing so, you can be sure that the problem has been solved and will not be a concern in the future. In addition, it is also possible to transmit higher frequencies towards the patient’s brain, which stimulate the self-healing process of sick organs and cells. These frequencies can be used to stimulate the self-treatment of the patient’s organs and cells by removing any blockages that might prevent the natural flow of energy. Kvantum Bio Scan also offers the possibility of acupuncture, META therapy, lithotherapy, phytotherapy or iris therapy. The most impressive thing, however, is that the patient does not even have to be present for a standard analysis – it is enough that he provides his nails as a DNA sample to a specialist.[25]

TimeWaver uses currents in the millimeter range to treat numerous diseases and their symptoms, the frequencies of which are adjusted to the individual patient’s needs. This type of microstimulation is so versatile that it can be applied to different body parts. It is possible thanks to numerous electrodes, which can be selected according to the place on the body or the part of the human organism we want to heal.
Thanks to TimeWaver we are able to find answers to all questions about our health, since in the database we can find as many as 500 000 information patterns that may be used and a dozen or so additional modules that can be applied depending on the preferred fields of complementary medicine.This device is completely safe to use, which is confirmed by the received CE certificate under Directive 93/42 EEC.[26]
The versatility of TimeWaver is praised by numerous doctors, including Dr. med. Anna Kohler, general practitioner from Bonndorf. ,,As a doctor I have been working for more than 45 years, and I have been involved in natural health care for more than 30 years. Since 2008 I have been working exclusively with TimeWaver and have the best experience in life with this system. Whether it’s for allergies or individual cancer cases, I use TimeWaver for every diagnosis. There are no side effects and, in my experience, it provides very good healing reactions. Thanks to extensive databases, there are great therapeutic possibilities and information about relationships between diseases. My work with TimeWaver includes first aid, chronic diseases and process adaptations in difficult life situations.”[27]

Healy is probably one of the most mobile and comfortable to use bioresonant devices. It is designed for personal use and what definitely makes it stand out is the fact that this device is controlled by means of a smartphone. This does not change the fact that the equipment is a medical product that has been certified and its use brings a number of health benefits. Healy specializes primarily in healthy cell membrane tension, because its creators assume that it is responsible for the diseases occurring in the human body, both mild and chronic and acute. Using small currents in the microampere range, it can stimulate frequencies occurring in the body regardless of their range. In order tofeel the improvement that the use of Healy brings, just try it for 20 minutes. This device is especially suitable for people who complain about the lack of free time since it can be used at any moment we choose – at home, at work, during sports or travel. Moreover, you can decide for yourself what you want to focus on. Healy is great at activating energy reserves, treating various diseases, as well as strengthening the psyche or relaxing.[28]

Global Diagnostics not only shows the individual organs holistically, but most importantly it shows the interactions between them. In order to give an image of the energetic structures of the body and to retrieve relevant information about them, the Vitalfeld method, or so-called dynamic field technology, is used. According to the registered reaction patterns for individual parts of the body due to their health condition, it is possible to determine whether they function properly and to determine their energetic state. With the help of healthy frequencies, it supports the processes responsible for treatment and healing in the body.
The whole process can be realized by two small electrodes with the Global Diagnostic sensor, which should rest on the patient’s ankles. The whole process is very short because it usually takes less than 10 minutes. This is really not much because 550 organs, joints, muscles and other objects in the body are analysed during this time.
In order to confirm the effectiveness of Global Diagnostic, the Clinical Institute of Medicaland Chemical Laboratory Diagnostics of the University Hospital in Graz, Austria, carried out a comparison of the results for 44 patients who were examined with this device as well as in a conventional manner. The results were identical and there was a clear correlation between them.[29]

Delta Scanis another diagnostic device that shows the entire organism, but it does so in great detail. Not only can we look at our organs, but also the nerves, lymphatic system and even blood cells and chromosomes. Thanks to the extremely extensive data that Delta Scan has in its possession, such a comparison is immediate. In this way, not only can we find out what is happening to us at the moment, but it is also possible to discover existing diseases in our body that we had no idea about and those that do not even exist yet, but there is only a chance of their occurrence, so we can prevent them much earlier.[30]

Quantec is based on the principle of transmitting individually selected vibrations and positive patterns to the patient’s body to its morphic fields and biofield. This is to help unlock the energy whose flow was blocked, resulting in a healthy field as a consequence of quantum therapy. Interestingly, the benefits of bioresonance with the Quantec device are not only healthy – of course, one of the main advantages is a significant improvement in health, but other positive effects include bringing happiness, peace, joy, solving relationship problems or even financial difficulties.[31] The whole thing is to be done by means of two electrodes, which communicate with the energy fields of the person undergoing bioresonance therapy. Quantec also stands out from the competition with a diode that has white noise.
Interestingly, in this case it is the patient who mainly decides on which body area he wants to focus on. When he chooses an area requiring treatment, he brings the electrodes closer to that area and then the specialist deals with determining the source of the problem.
What is worth noting is that this device does not treat the ailments directly, but only works with energy fields. The whole session is relatively short, because it takes only 10 minutes, but usually it has to be repeated. On average, it is recommended to have from 2 to even 10 sessions. Quantec was awarded a gold medal in 2010 as a system of instrumental biocommunication in the health development sector.[32]
Quantum offers immediate access to up to 240 information about our current state of health in one brief session. All the patient has to do is hold the hand sensor for a minute – women should hold it in their right hand and men in their left.
Using it, various types of electromagnetic frequencies are taken from the body, which are able to fully and reliably reflect the condition of individual organs. The results are presented in a legible graphical form and are explained in detail, leaving no doubt. In case of the Quantum device there is no risk of any complications and the examination does not carry any dangers, so each patient can repeat them frequently enough according to their needs. However, not everyone can take part in the examination with this measuring device. Among other things, people with metal prostheses, pacemakers and pregnant women must not undergo the test. It is also recommended that the person under examination should be at least 12 years old. Of course, it is possible to carry out the analysis on a child if he or she is able to hold the sensor in his or her hand for one minute, but the results obtained will only be reference values.[33]

Sweeper is first and foremost a device designed to cleanse the human body of various types of toxins and loads. Pathogens, fungi and other harmful factors that every human being carries can have a significant impact on general well-being and health, which is why it is so important to remove them in a safe and painless way. Such removal is possible with the use of an inductive loop and a bioresonance wave which are connected to the device. In this way, not only can we get rid of the burdens of even the farthest corners of the body, such as deep tissues or cysts and bones, but it will also be strengthened and the energy resources that have been in it so far will be much more stimulated. Sweeper’s resources include a wide range of 435 therapy programs.Even if this huge amount is still not enough, the computer program that is included in the set contains an additional 3775 programs. With so many functions, Sweeper is extremely reliable in its field.[34]

Rayonex carries out appropriate electrical measurements using acupuncture points on the toes and hands. On the basis of these measurements, the patient’s internal systems and organs are then evaluated. Interestingly, the organs are not tested individually – the study seeks to determine how they interact with each other and is thus able to determine exactly where the source of a particular health problem really is. When the device determines which parts of the body are functioning properly and which are not, electrical frequencies are picked up from the properly functioning parts and then they are passed on where the disease occurs or in parts that are weakened.
This not only alleviates the symptoms but also neutralises the disease. In this way, it is possible to make the body re-establish an energetic balance. Sometimes the cause is the so-called energy blocks. They can appear both in the body and mind.
Unfortunately, they effectively prevent many treatments. However, the Rayonexbioresonance therapy device can deal with them efficiently and also address this problem. Spectacular results are in many cases already felt at the end of the visit, some patients declare an immediate improvement of their well-being already during the visit.[35]

Blaster effectively deals with toxins and pathogenic macro and microorganisms by means of a targeted interaction of electromechanical vibrations. They are able to cope with any adverse phenomena in the body, just enough to have the right amplitude, frequency and shape.
Its range of action is wide, because it has as many as 110 programs with which all toxins can be effectively removed from the body, and their frequency can reach up to 1 million Hz.
If you do not want the device to select the most appropriate frequency by itself, it is also possible to set it manually. The amplitudes of the signal can also be adjusted by hand. With the Blaster it is also possible to carry out other procedures, such as, for example, Dr. Bob Beck’s method of blood purification or the regulation of the electromagnetic field by Schumann’s waves. The Blaster is probably one of the few bioresonant devices that can perform examinations on two people simultaneously.[36]

BRT Assistantcombines three functions of bioresonance – active, passive and information therapy. This means that it is not necessary to use multiple devices, as this one gives a lot of possibilities.
The basic applications for the BRT Assistant include up to 400 different programs and their frequency range can be as high as 3 million Hz for electrodes and 100,000 Hz for induction loops.
If several hundred programs are still not enough, we can get an additional 3.5 thousand programs with Life commander computer software. BRT Assistant specializes in, among other things, therapeutic programs, body disinfection, stimulation of the body’s defensive forces, removal of loads, regulation of the organs, stabilization of the nervous system and comprehensive action on the body.[37]

With ETA-Scanwe can perform a number of treatment frequencies, depending on individual preferences – among them are traditional Chinese medicine, bioregulatory medicine, energy acupuncture, bioenergetic frequencies or tissue salts. Its main goal is to determine what is the primary source of persistent health problems. During examination with this device a detailed scan of the examined organ is displayed. There are also useful symbols which clearly indicate whether there is an overload or maybe a low level of energy in a given place.[38]

They are very instinctively marked, since yellow points indicate places where there are no possible issues, while black points indicate the sources of potential irregularities.
ETA-Scan assesses the condition of the cells at 6 levels, of which grade 1 is closest to normal functioning, while grade 6 indicates very serious problems and pathological states.
The examination, as with many other devices in the field of bioenergetic medicine, involves headphones and a laser diode.[39]

NLS Biostarhas the capability to measure a non-linear vortex of magnetic field not only for the human body but also for any biological object in just a few minutes. Using the generated broadband noise triggered in the headphones during the examination on the patient’s head, it is possible to scan the entire body. In this way, all states that do not fit within the norm are found. The headphones are also used to receive information and make it available in a computer program to enable the next step, which is a detailed analysis of the frequency spectrum. The information obtained is explained by Veritas software, which not only clearly explains every detail and transmits the data resulting from the optimal frequency, but also displays a 3D image of the discussed organ.

Within NLS Biostarit is also possible to use Meta Therapyto help the body to restore optimal frequency levels in areas of interference. The testing with this device is completely safe, as confirmed by the EU and RU certificates for the safety of electromagnetic measurements.[40]

According to the manufacturers, the Eductor, also known in some countries as SCIO, is currently the most innovative bioresonant device in the world. It has countless functions, but its main purpose is to identify and reduce stress. Stress is an extremely underestimated factor, but it has a huge impact on body function and health. It often manifests itself slightly in the form of low performance, reduced immunity or emotional swing, but excessive stress can also have much more serious consequences, such as the appearance of chronic diseases. The editor, using only head harness and ankle and wrist straps is able to completely eliminate stress. In addition, during the session it performs countless rapid tests, called the Xrroid process, during which it checks the condition of tissues and organs in the body but also resonates with allergens, pathogens or toxins.[41]
It is estimated that up to 40-60 treatments are performed simultaneously during a single session, including stress and pain reduction, detox, homeopathy, organ stimulation, acupuncture, treatment of diseases and disorders and rejuvenation. In addition, up to 11,000 substances are tested in just a few minutes.[42]
Meta Hunter is using the light-wave resonance imaging to analyze the whole human organism. Moreover, in just a few seconds the device will find tumors and hereditary diseases and their origin. Furthermore, it is also capable of detecting the DNA fragments that have lost the most information. Besides, only this device offers examination with the innovative 3-D spiral scanning method, which provides even more detailed and accurate information than commonly known methods. Meta Hunter has a remarkable ability to predict how a disease could potentially develop in the future. It also determines whether there is a chance that the body will manage the illness itself. VEGA-test deals with the diagnosis of the source of various types of ailments and diseases and does so with surprising reliability, because it is as much as 80-90%. Method in which it is done is slightly different from the techniques used in other diagnostic tools. This device checks for changes in skin resistance at appropriate points. On this basis it is able to determine whether there are any changes. If the skin resistance has not changed at all, then the body will be completely indifferent to the signal given towards it. However, if the frequency of the vibrations sent towards the body is similar to that of the body, then the skin resistance changes.[44]

Examinations carried out with VEGA-test are among the least invasive because they consist only in lightly touching the diagnostic electrode in places where acupunctural points occur. Moreover, it is also possible to use the Schimemel method, thanks to which we can individually select allopathic, homeopathic remedies, supplements and herbs that will help the patient’s needs.[45]

EAV is a device that detects abnormalities very quickly to such an extent that you can often expect a ready diagnosis before the end of the examination. Moreover, it specializes in detecting all kinds of diseases and abnormalities much earlier than they actually appear in the body.[46]

Such a result is possible due to the vegetative nervous system, or more precisely, the responses obtained from it as a result of its testing. When performing the analysis with EAV, the error threshold is only 3% maximum. In the context of performing a trial on tens of thousands of pathogens in a very short time, this is actually very little. For this reason, this device is considered to be trustworthy and in some cases it is also used by doctors of academic medicine. Metatron is another case of the successive use of spectral analysis of the spinning magnetic fields of living organisms. With its help we not only get comprehensive information about our health, but we can also detect even the earliest symptoms of various diseases, especially oncological ones. This method is completely non-invasive, does not lead to any radiation and is positively perceived by children.The examination with this device is not much longer than a visit to a specific specialist doctor, because it takes about an hour, while during this time we can learn much more about our health.[48]
The examined organs of the patient’s body are evaluated on a 6-stage scale, where 1 indicates a completely healthy organ and 6 represents a pathological condition. It is shown in the form of 3-D charts.
Each patient’s body has completely different parameters, however, it is usually recommended to have about 5 or 6 sessions every 3 weeks. After this time positive changes in health are visible to the naked eye. Metatron’s positive effects are confirmed by numerous certificates, including MEEI and CE Class 2A. It also meets GOST and ISO standards.[49]

Sensitiv Imago is characterized by one of the highest accuracy of bioresonance on the market, up to 97%. The patient’s state of health is determined by means of the examination of magnetic whirls in his body, and then the results obtained are compared by the system with the collected data of healthy people and patients. Among the functions of this device are to determine the degree of current biochemical homeostasis in the body, to determine diseases that may appear in the patient’s body over the next 5 years, to detect contaminants and allergens present in the body and to check the level of internal activity of the microorganisms and the place of their occurrence.[50]
Sensitiv Imago is able to recognize even more than 10,200 pathological processes that can occur in the human body on the basis of their characteristic vibrations, taking into account age, gender and other patient characteristics.[51]
Sensitiv Imago has many internationally recognized certificates. It can boast, among other things, certification according to Annex II of Directive 93/42/EEC, ISO 9001 (quality management system) and ISO 13485 (quality management system for medical devices). In addition, it also has a CE certificate and a medical device certificate in the European Union.[52]

Medicomat Hunter is focused mainly on DNA testing. When the DNA fragments in which the greatest loss of information has occurred are found, it is possible to prevent and cure many ailments and diseases. Moreover, thanks to the HUNTER module, one of the main additives, it is possible to detect cancer very quickly, even in very early stages of development, when it can still be cured very easily.
In addition, Medicomat Hunter finds the source of the occurring diseases even at the genome level, regardless of whether it concerns hereditary diseases or tumors.
A feature that is not very common among other diagnostic devices is the possibility of lithotherapy. It is a therapeutic therapy that uses the spectrum of mineral radiation. Moreover, Medicomat Hunter helps to choose the right gemstones or minerals, which the patient can wear depending on his individual biocompatibility.[53]

As you can see, bioresonant devices are very diverse. They use different bioresonance techniques, they examine the body at different levels, some perform a holistic analysis and others focus on individual organs or parts of the body, detect different types of diseases or focus on other health problems, they also have a different way of presenting the collected data, the additional functions offered, the tools used to examine or even the duration of the session. Just like the way they work, opinions about them are also very diverse. It is impossible to get a clear answer as to whether the results obtained due to their treatment are really as amazing as it is described or whether they bring as much harm as some doctors warn us. Even though many of these devices have numerous certificates that ensure their safety, there is still a shadow of doubt. At the same time, one may wonder whether something is missing, maybe thanks to the bioresonant devices we could be in better health than ever before. It seems that the only right way is to try bioresonance yourself.
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