Aging is a technical problem.

Let's solve it together.

The progress in technology is more rapid than we think.

Over the years, our civilization has found solutions to problems that in the old days seemed impossible to solve. A decade before harnessing electricity, electricity was an absolutely abstract phenomenon. Today is obvious. Only a few decades ago, the idea of the Internet and the possibilities it offers were beyond the reach of most people's imaginations. Today, a large part of our population is afraid of an offline reality.
Transplant operations, space exploration, skyscrapers, organ printing are just a few of the amazing achievements of mankind. It is only a matter of time before aging stops, but that time is extremely precious for living people. We understand this point of view and are actively looking for a solution to the problem.

In youth we do not think about geting old, but being old we often think nostalgically about youth.

We encourage you to think about immortality and act with us.

Please contact us if the subject of our exploration is interesting for you and you want to become immortality explorer or support our goal in any possible way.

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Our Mission:

We are aware of the limitations of the path that man has followed so far, but we have always dreamed of eternal youth. The wisest and most beautiful minds are consistently taken by death. Our mission is to make the impossible possible so that the essence of a human being can live forever.
If our goal is your goal, if you want to decide alone about the day you will leave this planet, please start being part of the solution. We are foundation and we need: interesting knowledge from our field, people that are over 90 years old in good shape ready for interview, funds to help us with research and technology projects, immortality explorers in any adge that are ready to help us with articles, research, developing further our website and all other projects, mentors that have experience in our field.
Stopping aging is the first step, reversing aging is the step number two.
Over the last several decades of our lives, we have noticed that most of the solutions to the biggest problem have long been in existence. Most people, however, lack the right questions, focus on the right answers, and absolute determination to pursue goals. We are not the majority. Become part of our team and find out the answers that will change our fate forever.
Our Questions:
1. How can we slow the ageing process?
2. How can we stop ageing process?
3. How can we reverse ageing process?
4. Who lives long life and is ready to give us interview?
5. Which tribes live long and how can we interview them?
6. Who was living extremely long life and where can we find info?
7. Where can we find research about immortality?
8. Who would like to get involved in our research orad projekcts?
9. How to reduce human diseases to zero?
10. Why do cells age? and how can we stop this process?
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